Bergen Sightseeing

Bergen sightseeing

If you are looking to get a taste of Norway’s rich National history, a clear picture of the receptive
nature of the locals, the beauty of the countryside, as well as the spectacular natural beauty, then
what’s a more appropriate place to start than Bergen?

The second-largest city in Norway, encompassed by the Seven Mountains, and home to the worldfamous
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, this city gives you the rare ability to experience some of
the most unique, satisfying tourist destinations.

So what makes Bergen sightseeing so popular? And why is it a must-visit for anyone vacationing
in Norway? Here is a list of destinations that lay testament to this beautiful city’s vast culture and
rich history.

Grieg Museum (Troldhaugen)

Norway has a certain intricate appreciation for the fine arts, and it is for this reason that the Grieg
Museum is one of the stand-out monuments in Bergen. Home to the famous composer, Edvard
Grieg, the Troldhaugen has everything from a performance hall to the humble dwellings where the
composer and his wife, Nina lived. The museum is a well-preserved remnant of the life and times
of Grieg, and it is a common venue for many concerts.

The museum is meant to show appreciation for this once famous composer, to show visitors of his
life and times, and you should be able to catch one or two concerts if you visit the Troldhaugen
between June and September

Bergen Cathedral

You will notice that this city has quite a fair share of historical monuments, and very few, if any
don’t have the virtue of historical significance. The Bergen Cathedral is one on a long line of tourist
attractions that people travel far and wide to come witness. Although it dates back to the back end
of the 12th century, the current monument is largely a product of beautiful 19th-century
architecture, the Bergen Cathedral has been rebuilt and reclassified since the 17th century.

You have the value of getting English guided tours, this is normally on weekdays between June
and August, and this is usually the peak tourist season. It is a very popular tourist destination, but
it is rarely opened during off-peak seasons. So if you do make it to Bergen, make sure you swing

Market Square

If you are an avid fan of fresh seafood, then you would be insane not to take an early morning
stroll into what is perhaps the oldest fish market in Norway. Bergen’s market square is home to the
700-year old Torget, where if you wake up early enough, you will be able to see a flurry of
fishermen flaunting their morning catch.

The city has several top-class restaurants, and the reason this market is so crucial is the fact that
most of these restaurants purchase their seafood from this area. As mentioned earlier, Bergen
sightseeing is just full of rich history, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

VilVite Bergen Science Center

If you’re not big on history, then perhaps diving into the annals of science will be of more interest
to you. The Bergen Science center is an innovative program that allows you and your family to
experience the exploits of science, to play around with concepts of energy, weather, and physics.
Here you get to bypass the limitations of the language barrier, to forecast the weather, to get the
gist of offshore oil drilling, to test the limits of hydropower, and a long list of cool experiments that
are fun for the whole family.

You can bring your kids along and let them enjoy the thrilling world of Virtual Reality. The beauty of
VilVite is the fact that it is genuine fun for the entire family, and you don’t need a translator
because most of it is purely applied science.

Mount Ulriken

From museums to science fairs to natural phenomenon, Bergen is anything but uneventful. For the
thrill-seekers, you can always find your way up the tallest mountain in Bergen and enjoy the view
from above. Depending on your level of expertise, various hiking options include a 5-hour hike that
takes you through the Vidden trail.

If you are not an expert climber, however, you do have the option of simply experiencing the value
of Bergen sightseeing by taking the less strenuous cable car that goes up the entire length of the
mountain and lets you enjoy the same spectacular scenery. It is a relatively steep climb, so it is not
advisable to tempt fate if you don’t have substantial climbing experience.

University Museum of Bergen

One particular attraction stands out by being a hub of both cultural and natural significance. The
Bergen University is home to a botanical garden that is beautiful to walk around in. If you are an
eco-lover then this garden will be a little piece of heaven for you and your family.

Further down, you also get to experience Cultural and Natural Historical collections, and while at it,
you can also enjoy the beautiful plant life at the Nygardspark, check out the Unicorn Fountain, or
explore Bergen sightseeing of the more than 5000 species of flora at the Norwegian Arboretum, a
collection that is from all around the world. Lastly, you can also peek into the Seafaring Museum,
which also counts as one of the stand-out attractions in the area.

Old Bergen Open-Air Museum (Gamle Bergen)

The Gamle Bergen is a museum that was built for the specific purpose of preserving the city’s
history. The set up here involves close to 60 well preserved, original wooden houses that date
back to the 1800s. Built in the early 20th century, the main purpose of this open-air museum was
to give visitors the real experience of living in old Bergen and to give a sense of what it was like to
live in this beautiful city at the time.


This is only a taste of the few key attractions you ought to visit while in Bergen. For the record,
Bergen sightseeing is one of the most eventful, educational and fulfilling life experiences one can