Who are we
Who are we

We are the local Scandinavian brand NORDIC FREEDOM TOURS offer free of charge walking tours in Bergen.

The highest quality tours and these are not just empty words.

Our mission is to make quality sightseeing available for all individual traveler of the city.

Our tours are led by local guides, who offer both free of charge and paid private walking tours. Guides receive no salary of any kind other than what they receive from the guests who decide to join us.

Private Tours: To book a private tour at competitive prices please contact us.

Due to Covid-19, we work with bookings only to guarantee a small group size for the safety of both our guests and guides.

Bookings are free.  Please book a spot on our free tour in Bergen for you and your fellow travellers.

Simply click Book Tickets!

We are operating tours in English


If you booked but cannot make it to the tour, please let us know as soon as possible.

This way we can offer your place to someone on the waiting list.

Thank you!



next to The Monument Sjøfartsmonumentet av Dyre Vaa, Torgallmenningen is the main square of Bergen

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