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Private Walking Tour Bergen for group

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If you have a student/religious/corporate/family reunion group interested in our tours, we do offer private tours!

Private tours offer flexibility with itinerary and can start at any time and from any location in the central part of Bergen.

Duration: 2 hours

Guests per tour: up to 25 pers.

Language: English or Spanish

Discover the essence of Norway in a walking tour: Bergen allows you to experience Norwegian culture within walking distance.

As the second-largest city in Norway, Bergen offers all the options you would expect in a big metropole, but
it still maintains the cozy atmosphere of a small town. You can choose from paying a visit to the centuriesold
fish market to get to know all the picturesque urban landmarks with a walking tour. Bergen provides
entertainment alternatives for all tastes and needs.

A mysterious history awaits to be discovered

Bergen is such an enigmatic city that it is not even clear when it was founded, but it is known for a fact that
its history dates back to many centuries ago. It is easy to feel lost or not even know where to start exploring
this everlasting place, so it might be helpful to look for a walking tour. Bergen can be better experienced
with a guide who is aware of your preferences.

The delicate yet enduring cobblestone alleys

You will never be out of things to do in Bergen. There is no need even to leave the city center, as you can
appraise its small details with a walking tour. Bergen has a unique architecture mingled in narrow
cobblestone alleys, which will keep you busy for hours.

Bryggen: the stronghold of Norwegian culture

When you go for a walk, one landmark that you must visit is Bryggen, which is probably not only Bergen’s
main attraction but also one of the most recognizable interest points in Norway. Having faced many fires but
always kept strong in the Norwegian spirit, Bryggen is a dynamic and vivid area of Bergen, included on
UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It houses many wonderful attractions, such as the old Hanseatic wharf and
the energetic fish market.

The fish market: where a symbolic past meets a lively future

Speaking of which, the historical fish market is a must-see if you want to check the city in action. Its
marvelous seashore site represents the eternal link between past and present Bergen. For centuries it had a
fundamental role as an exchange hub between Norway and the rest of Europe. It has kept its importance over
time and nowadays provides tourists and locals with freshly caught seafood, quality fruits and vegetables,
handmade good and souvenirs.

Bergen: an intriguing world ready to be explored

Everything together, Bergen is the perfect place to visit if you like a balance between historical scenery and
sparking action. If you choose to wander around you will surely find something interesting to see and do.
However, if you want to use your time wisely and get to know all its hidden secrets, the right choice is to go
for a walking tour. Bergen has acquired so many particular traits along the centuries that an expert eye can
certainly help you to unveil peculiar characteristics that are unknown even to locals.

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