Bergen Tourist Attractions

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Bergen, Norway is a spectacular city with endless opportunities. The charming European
City of Culture and one of the best attractions in the region is also a World Heritage City. It
combines the beauty of nature, architecture, urban attractions and culture to make your visit
or stay in the region worthwhile. Bergen boasts of an amazing environment that makes your
travel experience one a kind.

No matter what you are planning to do in Bergen, there plenty of things to do and see.
Bergen tourist attractions are truly exciting. They range from spectacular landscape to the
city’s picturesque. In a nutshell, Bergen is a destination to behold. Some of the best
attractions to explore in the city include

The beautiful Bargen Hanseatic Wharf

The Bargen Hanseatic Wharf is one of the most exciting attractions in Bergen. It attracts a
large number of tourists from different parts of the globe every year. The attraction is famed
for its amazing restaurants, boutique shops, old wooden merchant houses and great

At the Bargen Hanseatic Wharf, you can explore different guided tours. This includes day
tours to the ruins, museums and other fascinating features.

Mount Floyfjell

Mount Floyfjell is a must-visit. Located on the northeastern side of Bergen, the mountain
offers magnificent views of the city. The best time to visit this incredible attraction is at dusk
or early in the morning. You can take a walk, a funicular at the mountain top and enjoy
spectacular and panoramic views.

The Troldhaugen or Grieg Museum

Troldhaugen or the Grieg Museum is located at the southern part of Bergen. It is an old
museum built in 1885 and it was a home of Edvard Grieg, former Norwegian composer. The
museum is therefore dedicated to the works of Edvad Grieg. At the museum, there is also a
private workspace and a hut that Grieg loved. It offers room for recreation as you relax in the

breathtaking environment.
Within the museum is also Troldsalen, a music chamber performance hall. It accommodates
up to 200 people during different concerts held every year.

The Hanseatic Museum

The Hanseatic Museum was opened in 1872. Merchant homes of Bryggen from the 18th
century are preserved at the museum. It offers an amazing insight into the lives of the
merchant from the Hanseatic League. Most of the merchants were German. The building has
beautiful interiors and it displays equipment’s, weapons and furnishings.

There are also assembly rooms and Schotstuene kitchen in the museum that sit near the St.
Mary’s Church. Everything at the museum exhibits the life of German merchant community
making it one of the most visited Bergen tourist attractions.

Norwegian Fjords

Bergen city is surrounded by incredible fjords. The Norwegian fjords are some of the most
beautiful across the globe. The fjords are also a UNESCO World Heritage site voted and
listed as one of the most beautiful, natural and unspoiled destinations by the National
Geographic. Today, you can enjoy exciting Fjord Tours customized to match your needs.
The fjords also provide an exciting experience to anyone visiting.

The Bergenhus Fortress

At the entrance of the Bergen harbor, is the Bergehus Fortress, an old attraction with
impressive features. It holds great and beautiful old structures in the Scandinavia region. You
can spend quality time at the Bergenhus Fortress Museum, explore its unique exhibits
including the great women contributions in 1940-45 German occupation.

Old Bergen Open Air Museum

Old Bergen Open Air Museum is a fascinating tourist attraction tucked away in Sandviken,
Bergen. It is a historic building that holds the true and living history of Bergen. You can
explore the beautiful atmosphere at the museum, enjoy great celebrations and beautiful
performances at the town square held during the day.

Bergen Aquarium

If you love to travel to Bergen with your kids, you can visit the Bergen Aquarium. It is a
perfect destination that allows you to see life seals, crocodiles, snakes and penguins. Bergen
Aquarium offers plenty of things to do including sporting on more than 50 tanks and
aquariums. There are beautiful displays of different animals including odd money.
At the aquarium, you and the kids will be fascinated by daily shows, demonstrations, events
and live screening of exciting cultural identity shows. These have been taking place for more
than 50 years. It is one of the leading Bergen tourist attractions that attract people of all ages.

The Bergen Fish Market

Bergen boasts of Norway’s coastline and other great traditional sea industries. Since the fish
industry has played a significant role in economic growth in the country, it is home to one of
the busiest, fun, and exciting fish market in the region. Naturally, Bergen is the place to go
for delicious seafood and fish. Therefore, you can take a trip to the Fish Market for tasty
food, and a market experience that is second to none.
The market offers an exciting outdoor experience for you. You can taste, see and buy
shellfish, fish, handmade crafts and vegetables in plenty.

KODE Art Museum

KODE Art Museum is one of the largest art, music and design in the Nordic area. It boasts of
unique collections of artists, external building, central architecture and homes at the center of
Bergen City. There are great collections from the works of JC Dahl, Edvard Munch and
Nikolai Astrup among others. At the attraction, you will enjoy a truly exciting and diverse art
and cultural experience.

VilVite Bergen Science Center

VilVite Bergen Science Center is beautiful, exciting and fascinating. There are many exhibits
at the center that attracts families, and tourists of all ages. At the center, you can enjoy a
hands-on experience including an on-screen weather forecast, hydropower and stand inside a
bubble. If you love to navigate on an oil tanker, enjoy a sea world experience or a lifetime
Virtual Reality experience, this is the best place for you.
There are also different energy, physics and weather exhibits at the center.

Lisoy Island

On the Lisoy Island sits a beautiful, attractive and unique villa, the Ole Bull. It is open to the
public and you can explore, relax and learn more about the 13 kilometers of paths at the
island. There are also gazebos, numerous ponds, guided tours, a museum on-site and the
Monastery of Lyse or the ruins of Lyse Abbe. These attractions are truly amazing and they
enhance the beauty of Bergen and a must-visit destination.