Visit Bergen, NORWAY

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Norway is best known for its spectacular nature defined by beautiful landscapes, seascapes, and natural
fjords. Bergen is the 2nd biggest city in Norway and a gateway to most fjords. This is understandable when
it features high on the list of best places to visit in the world! Are you planning to visit Bergen Norway?
Before you pack your things heading to Bergen, you should have a quick checklist; guidebook – to help in
trip planning, accommodation – prior booking of a hotel and save money, insurance – having an adequate
cover and VPN – to secure your mobile phone’s internet connection during your trip.
For trips lovers, here is a simple Bergen travel guide that will help you get the most out of Bergen. Never
mind about the weather in Bergen because it’s normally pretty wet but when you spend your time in the
right way, you will be narrating a time-travel fairytale after exploring the place.

  1. Buying the Visit Bergen Card

    Firstly, you need to secure yourself a valid Visit Bergen Card that will help you save a lot especially when
    on a budget. This card gives free entry as well as discounted admissions to attractions and museums as well
    as other events like railway or bus travel.
  2. Bryggen

    The colorful and beautiful houses along Old Hanseatic Wharf of Bergen are one of the most city’s iconic
    sights. Moreover, the most historic section of the city. Wharf was initially built in the 14th century during
    the time of the Hanseatic League. Some of its buildings burned down but have been rebuilt following the
    same layout and also similar building techniques, implying that exploring this city makes someone feel like
    he/she is stepping back in time. Earlier on, Wharves we used as Hanseatic offices but currently, most of
    them houses restaurants, museums, and shops. Be sure to take your time to walk through the place’s mazelike
    alleyways in between its old buildings.
  3. Explore Mount Floyen

    Visit BergenBy using Visit Bergen card, you can explore Mount Floyen top for free and effortlessly by using Floibanen funicular. This is the best place to take your family for photography during the time of snowing. If weather
    is fair, you can bike or hike through the marked routes and experience the stunning Bergen’s view including
    waterfalls and lake. At the peak, you can get a cup of hot coffee or drink in their café or restaurants.
    Besides, you can explore the spectacular scenery of glaciers, waterfalls as well as soaring mountains in
    Hardangerfjord. You will get the most out of kayaking and hiking.
  4. Bergen museums

    You can pay a visit to as many museums as you can while in Bergen. Museums like Hanseatic Museum,
    KODE, Leprosy Museum, Bergen Maritime Museum, and Old Bergen City Museum are worth visiting. I’m
    sure you will get a glimpse of the fascinating stories about the historic Bergen. You will come across various
    arts, galleries and other museum ornaments that are worth a look.
  5. Fjord cruise

    With Bergen strategically situated on waters, you will miss a lot if you don’t get a glimpse of the famous
    fjords in Norway. Bergen is in close proximity to Sognefjorden which is the famous and longest fjord in
    Norway. Taking fjord cruise is quite impressive regardless of the weather conditions. Be sure to visit Bergen
    Tourist Information Center close to the Fish market to help you with the booking of the best fjords.
  6. Fish market

    Just like museums in Bergen, the fish market possess a long history as well. People have used it for centuries
    as a trading/meeting place for fishermen and merchants, and today this fish market is among the most visited
    outdoor market in Norway. Here you will be served with delicious seafood like shrimps, mussels, scallops
    and also crabs as well as purchase some fresh ones to take home.

    Where to stay

    Being one of the top tourists’ attractions in the country, Bergen has a wide selection of hotels to stay thus
    ensure that you book in advance. Hotels like First Hotel Marin, Clarion Hotel Admiral, Thon Hotel
    Rosenkrantz, The Hanseatic Hotel and Hotel Oleana offer affordable accommodation services.
    Getting around the city
    Bergen is straightforward when it comes to navigation on foot, but some hotels are top hills or on cobbled
    streets. Most sights are centrally-situated, but if you consider visiting the stave church or pick a rental
    located outside the town, you are supposed to familiarize yourself with the transportation system in Bergen.
    Car, bus or train are always available to travelers.
    In a nutshell, there are many places you can tour around Bergen and even beyond Bergen. If you happen to
    plan to visit Bergen Norway, consider the above guidelines.